Cloud Transformation

The technical process of cloud transformation varies from case to case, but generally every company goes through the above steps. Based on a strategic decision and the analysis of the existing technical requirements, the goals and strategy of the cloud transformation are defined, the details of the future cloud architecture are described and the technical preparations are made so that the actual migration to the cloud can then take place.


During this process, companies are also confronted with a variety of organizational challenges:

  • Insecurities and resistance from employees
  • Adaptation of structures and processes of the own IT
  • Change of individual tasks and roles
  • Development of new processes and structures (also across departments)
  • Intensification of cooperation with external partners
  • General increase in the speed of change in the company
  • Change of mindset and business model

The following offers are communication measures that either selectively or as a continuous process help to meet the organizational challenges in such a way that

  • acceptance and ownership of the employees for the cloud transformation increases,
  • potential resistance is dealt with productively,
  • the creative potential of employees is used for new processes and business models and
  • a positive image of the future for the transformation in the company is created.


1Cloud Readiness Check

Assessment of the company's willingness to change

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Event for information and involvement of employees

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Alignment of teams during transformation

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4Coordination workshop

Cross-departmental coordination for new agreements

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Compact development process for new processes and products

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Structured review for optimization and fine-tuning

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