"Design Thinking is a process and a mindset.
And much more. It encompasses a lively culture of innovation."

HPI, Potsdam

Why Design Thinking

Design Thinking is simultaneously a process and an attitude. It uses the joint creativity of multi-disciplinary teams to solve challenges in a user-oriented way. Solution development for concrete needs of users is pursued through six phases. Through this  process a tested prototype is developed. Design Thinking structures development processes and innovative solutions for products, services or society. The process of design thinking supports teams, projects, companies or public organisations on their journey towards greater agility, customer-orientation and innovation.  Design Thinking enables inspiration, creativity and change.



Inspiring speaker addressing design thinking and its mindset.

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Selected elements of Design Thinking as input for events.

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Short and practical hands-on introduction to Design Thinking. Workshop participants get first hand experience with design thinking methodology and learn key concepts, examples and application.

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Experience the whole Design Thinking process through innovative training programs (2 Days).

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5Fast Forward

Development of solution oriented approaches for concrete challenges (2 Days).

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6Deep Dive

Innovative process consultancy.

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Solution development for specific organisational challenges using SPRINT method (5 days).

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